What Types of Crimes Are Eligible for an Expungement According to the Law?

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What Types of Crimes Are Eligible for an Expungement According to the Law?

Are you able to delete your arrest record?

Types of Records Eligible for Expungement:

1. Misdemeanors

2. Non-Violent Felonies

3. Victim Protective Orders


What Information and Documentation Does an Expungement Conceal?

1. Record of the Arrest

a. Booking Information and Photos

2. Charge(s) Filed Against You

3. Entire File Held by County/Municipality Where Charge(s) Filed

4. Any Related Criminal or Civil Proceedings Associated with Charge(s)


There are several steps to determine whether or not your charge(s) is eligible for expungement. First, we must look into the actual charge that was filed in the municipality or county of record. Second, we must analyze the disposition (punishment) of that charge. Finally, we must determine if enough time has passed since the disposition of the sentence to address the expungement of that charge(s).


If your record is deemed “expugnable,” our law firm would compose the appropriate court documents to be filed in the proper court of jurisdiction. Once those documents are filed, we will work with the appropriate authorities according to Oklahoma Statutes in order to have those expungement documents executed. Once those documents have been executed and an Order of Expungement has been signed by the assigned Judge, we will provide those executed court documents, along with any processing fees, to the appropriate authorities for expungement and sealing of those records. Once those records are expunged and sealed, it is as if you had never been arrested in the first place, according to the public view.


If you are unsure if your arrest record is eligible for an expungement, please complete the form under the “Contacts” tab and we will assess your record for eligibility. Once it is determined that your record is expugnable, we can begin the process of getting those records sealed, so the public no longer has access to your past and you can get back to chasing the American Dream!