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Lowest Price Expungements

Lowest Price Expungements

Our Expungement Services Are As Easy As Clicking ‘Delete’


From rejections for a job that you applied for to rejection from an educational institution, Criminal Records can be a hindrance to your personal growth and success. If you have a criminal record from mistakes that you made in the past, you understand that those mistakes follow you through life until they are addressed and resolved.


Whiting & Bruner, PLLC offers one of the lowest rates to expunge a criminal record in the State of Oklahoma. The reason we offer such a low price is that we believe that there are too many people in the community with criminal records holding them back from achieving success in their personal lives and there are not enough people with $2,000.00+ to spend on attorney’s fees to accomplish that task.


For just $500.00 (See “Costs Breakdown” Below), you can have a licensed attorney do the background check necessary to determine if you qualify for an expungement, fill out the appropriate court documents, file them in the appropriate jurisdiction and receive an Order from the Honorable Court to have your criminal record expunged and sealed from public view. Once you have gone through the expungement process and OSBI has officially sealed your records, it is as if those past mistakes never even happened!


Costs Breakdown:

$500.00 (Attorney’s Fee)

$154.14 (Oklahoma County Filing Fee)

*Other Counties Filing Fee May Vary

$150.00 (OSBI Processing Fee)

*Some Municipalities Require Separate Filing Fee

$5-10 (Postage)


If you are interested in moving forward with this expungement process and getting your life back on track, or if you would just like to learn more about this process, please fill out the “Contact” section on this website so that we can follow-up with you and get this issue resolved and get you back to working toward the American Dream!