It’s Just a Traffic Violation…… Why Would I Need an Attorney?!

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It’s Just a Traffic Violation…… Why Would I Need an Attorney?!

Chapter 1:

Cherry and Blueberry Lights Flickering


You are driving down the road, jamming out to your favorite songs and you forgot to wear your seat belt, or perhaps, the music has your heart rate going and your foot is a little heavy on the gas pedal. As you are belting out the chorus as if auditioning for American Idol, you glance in the mirror and notice you are being pursued by the dreaded blueberry and cherry flashing lights of local law enforcement.


Although you have not been drinking, abusing drugs or have contraband strewn across your backseat in plain-view, you are nervous… In fact, all honesty, you are terrified. We all have this reaction when we have unexpected encounters with the police, even though more than likely, you will not be hauled off in handcuffs and/or spend time in jail or prison.


Chapter 2:

The Officer Approaches


Now that you have turned your music down and have chosen a safe place to properly pull over to the side of the road, you await your showdown with Johnny Law. The officer approaches and you have both of your hands on the wheel, visible to the officer so that he does not mistake you for a threat. The officer politely asks you for your identification and your automobile insurance.


This interaction is not quite the horror movie that you had played out in your mind when you first saw those lights flicker in your rear-view mirror. You sit anxiously in your car and before long, the officer returns with your driver’s license and your automobile insurance card. You prepare yourself for the outcome of this showdown. Here comes the moment of truth…


Chapter 3:

The Charge


Turns out you were in fact going over the speed limit when you were distracted by your favorite song. The officer has your driver’s license, automobile insurance card and now, an additional piece of paper in his hands. The officer begins his lecture, trying to justify why he interrupted your private American Idol audition, but all you hear is “womp womp womp” until he gets to the part about showing up in Court for a TRIAL DATE!


At this point, the officer asks you to sign your name on the ticket, and assures you that your signature on the ticket is not an admission of guilt. This does not put your mind at ease, but nonetheless, you sign the ticket. The officer tells you to keep the music turned down, and mutters under his breath, “leave it to the professionals.” You ask the officer to repeat himself and he simply says, “it’s not important. Pay attention to your speed.” The officer then wishes you farewell and tells you that you are free to leave. Your heartbeat and breath begin again.


Chapter 4:

The Aftermath


You make sure your seatbelt is fastened, check your mirrors and slowly… slowly begin to drive off, because even though the interaction with law enforcement is over, you want that officer to notice that you are in fact, a saint. You finally arrive home after spending the remainder of your drive, loudly expressing your dismay over the new bill… er, I mean, traffic ticket that you just received. In fact, it was not so much “expressing dismay” as it was, screaming inaudible curse words like you were the father from “A Christmas Story.”


You just realized that you don’t even know exactly what you were charged with, so you grab the ticket and look for the details. The handwriting is sloppy, small and barely visible as you received a copy of the ticket that was underneath the paper that the officer actually wrote on. You finally get to the bottom of the ticket where you notice the speeding charge. How fast were you accused of going? Are points going to be added to my license? Will my automobile insurance go up? By how much?


Or even worse, is driving your bread and butter? Are you a commercial driver or have a commercial driver’s license that you do not want revoked or suspended? That traffic ticket that you just received, without professional guidance, could lead to a lot more than just court appearance(s) and fines… It could mean jeopardizing your livelihood!


Chapter 5:

The Decision


Now, It’s Decision Time! You already have to pay a fine, so why would you spend the extra money on an attorney? It just doesn’t make sense… Or does it? It depends. If you were speeding at a rate of 1-10 miles per hour over the speed limit or you were cited for not wearing your seatbelt, perhaps it is not worth your time and resources to hire an attorney. You might just be better off paying the fine, learning your lesson and going about your life as if nothing happened.


However, if you were cited for traveling faster than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, cited for reckless driving, faulty or defective equipment or any other charge that could lead to points on your driver’s license, suspension, revocation or Heaven forbid, loss of employment, you definitely need to seek professional legal advice. Whether you ultimately decide to hire that attorney after consultation regarding the risks v. rewards of hiring an attorney for this process, is totally up to you!



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